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Mae datgarboneiddio diwydiant De Cymru yn fuddsoddiad yn nyfodol Cymru a’r DU.

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This document highlights the response to the net zero consultation on behalf of Net zero Industry Wales and builds on the response that the ECITB has submitted, with which we work in partnership on the skills agenda in Wales.

Just Transition to Net Zero Wales Consultation

The report aims to provide an indicative description of the future European market for CO2 transport by ship and recommendations to ensure the full development of this market.

This document outlines how businesses can be empowered to build greener futures.

This report analyses the economic case for investment in the infrastructure to facilitate the shipping of CO2 emissions from South Wales to stores in other UK regions.

Net Zero Industry Wales (NZIW) is a not-for-profit body which provides independent guidance and support to Welsh industries in their transition to delivering net zero.

This document is intended to provide a detailed explanation of the methodology, assumptions and calculations used to develop the Net Present Value (NPV) estimates in the NZIW CO2 Shipping Economic Case report. This will allow DESNZ to compare the approach with the way it typically conducts Cost Benefit Analysis around decarbonisation projects and policies.