Welsh Industrial Clusters

Wales’ regional industrial clusters are tight-knit ecosystems where innovation, collaboration, and sustainability converge; forming the very backbone of Wales’ industrial landscape.

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Net Zero Industry Wales is the governing body of Wales’ growing number of industrial clusters (regional) and Clean Growth Hubs (place-based). This includes: South Wales Industrial Cluster (SWIC) and North-East Wales Industrial Decarbonisation Cluster (NEW-ID), as well as established hubs like The Milford Haven Energy Cluster and Deeside Decarbonisation Forum.

Each Cluster’s regional commitment to innovation, collaboration, and responsible industrial practices underscores our wider strategic mission — to achieve a carbon-neutral future for Wales.

Welsh’ Industrial Clusters are at the regional helms of this critical endeavor, where industry and sustainability go hand in hand. Together, they’re paving the way towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for Welsh industry.

Explore the unique approaches and aspirations of each Cluster — and the work of the innovative Clean Growth Hubs they support, below.


South Wales Industrial Cluster

Building on more than a decade’s experience, SWIC is a partnership of cross-sector businesses, from utilities and heavy industry to power generation — geographically located in South Wales. SWIC’s aim is to become a world leading, sustainable Industrial Cluster that supports the societal, economic and energy needs of south Wales.

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North-East Wales Industrial Decarbonisation cluster

Though in the early stages of development, the North-East Wales Industrial Cluster shows immense promise. This cluster is driven by its commitment to fostering collaboration among diverse, cross-sector players, from heavy industry to manufacturing.

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Research and development partnerships

Our strategic research and development partnerships underpin our dedication to sustainable innovation — shaping the trajectory of Welsh industry toward a more environmentally conscious future.

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